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avily armed soldiers wearing blue masks to avoid breathing in ash stood guard behind yellow tape cordoning off t▓he disaster scene. Helmeted workers carried bodies away o▓n stretchers, and smoke was still rising from some par▓ts of the ashen landscape strewn with boulders and other debris.President Jimmy Morales traveled to s▓urvey the disaster area.Emergency crews in he▓licopters managed to pull at least 10 people alive from area▓s cut off by the flows. Conred said 3,265 people had been evacuated.More than 1,000 people were being housed in te▓mporary shelters.Please scan the QR Code to follow us o▓n InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatHitting the right notesHitting the right note▓sHitting the right notes06-04-2018 13:48 BJTTwo Chinese students will join 10 others from around the world for a three-week course at a music college specializing in Italian bel canto singin▓g.Shang Chunlai did not expect he would win the final ticket▓ to the summer course of the Georg Solti Academy in Italy next year. The 26-year-old baritone was stunned for a few seconds after his name was announced following his performance at the National Center ▓for the Performing Arts.Then he received c▓on

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